Travel Tips for Czech Republic

About the county

Czech Republic is located in Central Europe bordering Poland to the north, Germany to the northwest and west, Austria to the south, and Slovakia to the east. The capital of Czech Republic is Prague which is also the biggest city of Czech Republic and a popular tourist destination. Czech Republic became a member of European Union in May, 2004. Czech Republic was earlier a part of Czechoslovakia which was dissolved in January, 1993 and was split into what is now called Czech and Slovak Republics. Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Olomouc, , České Budějovice, Zlín, Hradec Králové, Ústí nad Labem, Pardubice and Karlovy Vary are the other important cities of Czech Republic. Czech Republic is divided into two parts based on geographical and cultural classification. They are Bohemia and Moravia. Bohemian cities and towns are popular for their spas and wine vineyards. It is also home to many castles which are open for visitors. One of the other tourism attractions is the availability of hundreds of miles of marked trails for hiking, cycling and skiing.

Population & Languages
The population of Czech Republic is roughly 10.2 million and the official language being spoken is Czech.

Geographic Location

It is located in Central Europe bordering Poland to the north, Germany to the northwest and west, Austria to the south, and Slovakia to the east. It is basically a landlocked country strategically located on some of the most important land routes in Europe.

The climate of Czech Republic can be termed as Temperate with hot summers and cold overcast winters. It also gets snow. Most of the rain comes down in summer. Due to different altitudes the variation of temperatures is diverse. The temperatures are relatively low at high altitudes and more precipitation. The temperatures average only -0.4°C at high altitude areas whereas the temperatures can average as high as 10°C in low altitude areas.


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How to choose a Travel Destination for your Vacation ?



People who are more creative and imagine a lot will always have a taste for nature and hence they would like to travel in search of beautiful creations of nature and these people have a natural tendency to plan for their future which will definitely include a Travel plan and a list of their favorite destinations.

How to choose a Travel destination ?

On the other hand, some people who are interested in Globe Trotting but are confused in choosing a Travel destination for them, now for those newbie Travelers here are few tips on ‘How to choose a Travel destination of your dreams’

Below is a list of most popular aspects expected in any Tourist place,

People who love to Travel may choose one of these aspects in a Travel destination based on what they love in a Travel



Lush Green valleys, Dense forests, Woodlands, Breath taking vegetation.
Crystal clear waters with natural geysers, rivers and waterfalls
Desert lovers – White sand, orange and brown sand, Tornadoes
Climate lovers – snowfall areas, tropical climate, Spring falls and awesome Autumns.



International Metros, Touring Cities with modern infrastructure,
Tall constrcutions and Sky scrappers, Man made bridges, Towers, Buildings
Modern well equipped Airports and Railway Stations
Day trips in Cities.



Though islands and beaches is also a choice of Nature lovers, it is preferred by certain people only

Sea and Shore Lovers – people who love to walk in sand shores,
going for small boat trips, swimmers
Sea Food lovers – people who love to taste a variety of Sea foods.



Few people Travel to find a place where they can play their favorite sports and certain regions are famous for certain sports

Beaches – Surfboarding, Kayaking
Mountains and Hills – Mountaineering, Trekking, Ski sports
Deserts – Desert rides in SUVs



Places with Old monuments, Structures, Ancient Wonders, Museums
Tourists places where Cultural shows and events are conducted frequently.



Vacation Breaks in Finland


It was the time for summer vacation and so I called upon some of my friends and decided to take the vacation breaks in Finland. I, along with my friends checked out the various travel websites in the internet and found many interesting places and adventurous breaks in Finland. I saw a variety of break plans in a website which thrilled my nerves as it had some of my favorite adventure sports. We dialed the number that was flashing in the website and contacted the travel agency. I did not have any second thoughts, chose the best plan from the website that suited us and paid them. And they offered us the best of the services at the best economical price possible taking care of everything that included in our break, right from the airport pick up to till we reached home safely. I had some of the pleasing and memorable experiences of my life during that vacation.

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South African Caravan Park Tours


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Holidays in summer season are the best and it is the time for vacation for most of the people in various countries. Since, these are the times when people are able to spend time with their family and friends they want to enjoy it to the fullest and also want it to be one of the memorable times of their life. South African Caravan park Tours could be one among the many choices of the people for a vacation and would be quite different experience. There are a many travel agencies and companies which have their own websites catering the needs of the people who wish to have a vacation in the South African Caravan parks. They have various holiday tour plans and packages and also they completely do take care of all the arrangements that are required for an excellent vacation experience.